Legal Writing Software – 6 Reasons to Get It!

Anyone who has to do legal writing for any reason can benefit from legal writing software. This software application is used by legal professionals of course, but it can also be used by anyone who has the need to use legal documents, whether for work or personal reasons. Here are some of the features of it:

1. Templates for Legal Documents

If you need to write up legal letters or documents, you want to be sure they are in the right format. A specialized software makes this easy by providing you with templates that are all set up for you to fill in.

2. Works With Your Word Processing Program

The software can be easily integrated with your desktop or internet based word processing program, so you can convert any document into legal format.

3. Dictionary and Thesaurus for Legal Terms

There is a built-in dictionary and thesaurus specially geared to legal matters, so you will always have the right word or term at your fingertips.

4. Grammar and Punctuation Checker

You want your legal documents to be correctly written, so this software will correct your grammar and punctuation errors.

5. Contextual Spell Checker

Legal writing software will also check your spelling contextually, finding not only misspelled words but “correct” words in the wrong place, like “weigh” instead of “way.”

6. Style Checker

This writing software will even check your style, suggesting improvements in word choices and phrasing.

Common expressions in the legal world will be part of the dictionary. It can make all of your legal writing faster, easier and more professional.

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